Hi! My name is Saisha (pronounced Say-Sha)

I am from Queens, NY. I have lived here all my life. #nystandup

I am a teacher; I just received my Masters degree in Special education from Brooklyn College. #Classof2016

I also recently got married. My wonderful husband works with elementary school kids in an after school program but he has also started a non-profit, which we are working to make a name for.

I grew up as an only child, living with just my Great grandma. (who is definitely the most amazing woman in the world). My baby sister was born when I was 16 years old, which turned me from an only child, into the oldest of 4 children, with my step-mom’s other kids. I do enjoy being a big sister, seeing them grow, being there for big moments. Don’t ask when I’m having kids.

I truly enjoy trying new things:  new recipes, making clothes, making jewelry, I plan to blog about these things as I get to do them. Eating is also a joy of mine lol so I will be reviewing some restaurants.

I also enjoy a selfie taking session on good hair days. After a fresh wash, you can expect a new IG post.

Overall I am excited to start on this adventure. I hope to see more of you, Thank you for joining me!