This is probably the only time in my life where I am not worried about being pregnant and that is the WEIRDEST feeling lol.

As a girl, you hit puberty and you’re not even thinking about pregnancy and you may not understand your body. Older women keep calling it your “Monthly gift” and you’re looking at them like…

Then you get into your teens, college, twenties and you reeeeellllly understand why your older cousin or aunt felt like it was a “gift” when they got theirs every month. Then you go through your own scares, literally even if you haven’t had sex (you have been there) when your “gift” is like 3 days late and you’re freaking out

I am now married, our 2 year anniversary is even coming up. We want the same things as far as family life is concerned. We agreed on that before marriage. This has caused everyone who has a mouth to ask “When are you guys thinking of having kids?” I generally politely put it on Jesus and whenever he decides. Instead of saying, “You got kid having money?!”

I also have many friends and family members who have transitioned into parenthood over the last few years. I get varied advice from them. Constantly. Anywhere from, “You need to have kids so ours can play together!” to “Saisha, are you pregnant? I will kill you”

I, as far as I know, am NOT pregnant right this moment. I am however not pressed to get my “gift” and if it happens it does. This is the most relaxed I’ve ever been about pregnancy and it will probably be the most relaxed I ever AM about it.

Let me know how you feel about having a kid at this point in your life!