Nerd life is the BEST life.



Nerds have unfortunately been seen as generally awkward, unattractive, weird, etc. at least that is how they are portrayed on tv. Honestly what is a nerd anyway?



According to Merriam-Webster

“Nerd: (noun) an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially :  one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits i.e. computer nerds” or people who actually look up the definition of nerd, i.e. ME


Another way to put it would be someone who is waaaayyyy into this thing and knows a lot about it and could talk about it all day, especially with other people who are also into that thing. aka everybody that has a hobby, special skill, or deep interest in a thing. We often only think of math or science nerds, but what if I called you a DIY nerd, or a makeup nerd? Do you spend hours watching Tasty videos? Do you talk to your friends about hair tutorials?


This is the kind of obsessive behavior I have noticed most in toddlers. I know several youngins that are crazy about dinosaurs or animals and now with the use of technology and suggested youtube videos these kids know so much about animals that it blows their parents and myself out of the water. This seems trivial for little kids, because if you’ve ever been around them, you know they can get obsessive about anything. Shoelaces, grains of rice, which cup they use, etc. however take a minute and realize that the things you know the most about are usually what interests you the most and what your career may be in or what you do when you hang out with friends. This also helps build your personality or to meet new friends.


Most nerds aren’t just really into “algebra” they have gone beyond that one bit of a subject that you learn in school/from a tv show/ out of a book and truly invested personal time into their passion. Just like you may invest your personal time into self care by doing your nails, hair, hiking, spending hours at the gym, binge watching post-apocalyptic sci-fi thrillers and comparing them with others you may have seen, possibly even on a blog, youtube channel or reddit. Are you a Beauty-nerd? GOT-nerd? Zombie-nerd?


With school starting again, this is important because I still see a lot of bullying and kids being picked on for being GOOD at something (so dumb). Please emphasize to the youth in your life that it is good to explore whatever is important to them. You may also have to emphasize that no one should be making fun of them for being really into cars, because when they are 16 and know how to customize an amazing vintage car, their jerk uncle or classmate who made fun of them is going to look like an idiot. Delve into it with them, help them (and maybe yourself) realize that the custom car needs to be measured and that starts with math. The cylinders need to fire properly, and they should pay attention to some science.

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With all that said, WELCOME TO #NERDLIFE, we haven’t been waiting for you lol, but there is definitely a seat open to share your knowledge.