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August 2016

DIY Rhinestone shoes

Following up on my Glittery shoes. I wanted to work with (p)leather/ the type of material I would be working with for my wedding shoes. It is different than working with canvas, but the process is pretty similar. I cannot wait to stun… Continue Reading →

DIY Sparkle Shoes

I wanted to find shoes that I love for my wedding, so I decided to make them! If you love glitter like I do, this is your thing.

Married girl says, “Relationship Titles Don’t Matter”

Do you want this person as your partner? Do they make you happy? Do you do your best to make them happy in return? Do you want to raise children with them? Do you agree that you never want children?

I Quit my Job Today

Why is it so common to have crippling college debt?
How come with 2 degrees, it is expected that we need extra income? What can I do to change this?

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